Global Tours, Inc. specializes in organizing and operating customized tours to destinations worldwide for groups as small as 6 – 7 people to as large as several thousands. We are particularly strong in Christian pilgrimage tours, special interest tours, conference and special event tours, and affinity group tours.

We work with group leaders and tour hosts by supporting them with best tour programs tailored to their specification and goals and providing benefits and incentives. We always endeavor to make the prices competitive, provide quality accommodations and interesting itinerary, and reliable professional services. We have built up our own network of best land operators worldwide over the 30 years of our operation, and this allows us to deal with the best local resources directly without the middleman. This means you will have better price and more dependable services as well as flexibility.

We welcome challenging projects, and provide creative and innovative ideas to make the tour most successful and memorable. We continue to develop new resources in overseas so that our clients will experience something different and something they will enjoy and remember...

We always emphasize and encourage our clients to experience culture and life of local people, because we believe in bridging people through tourism. People will learn and understand other people, and change their perception and perspective.

If you are in a leadership of any organization or group, we invite you to be a tour host. We will work with you and help you, so that you can provide and share the wonderful experience of travel around the world. We provide excellent benefits and incentives. We have been enjoying wonderful relationship with many tour leaders around the country and around the world. We will be glad to have you as well.

Customized Groups

Events & Conferences