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Customer Testimonial

What a wonderful time we had in China! The Yangtze cruise was spectacular, the Warriors in Xian awesome and Guilin was just beautiful. And the food.... well we did not know that you can have 3 great meals a day and have at least one dish you have never tasted before with every meal!!

We want to thank you for a really good trip which was really well organized. Everywhere we went, our tour guides were always there, meeting us at airports, taking us to hotels, escorting us to places of interest, explaining the cultural background and history of China, informing us of shows.... and booking window seats on the next plane. We never had a moment's worry. Our guides were all very friendly and informative - especially Joy Jiang in Beijing who went out of her way to be helpful.

The four of us (and guide) travelled in comfortable air-conditioned mini-buses (which was a must considering the heat and humidity this time of year in China) and we had excellent drivers who could maneuver around busy motorways which I would not venture on alone even if someone paid me a million dollars!

And thank you for answering my first e-mails - if it wasn't for one (Jan. 28) saying "We never cancel a tour", we might have missed this wonderful experience. I highly recommend it.

Louise Steytler
July 27, 2005